We continued our trip in California with a stopover in Palm Springs.
This amazing place well known for being a vibrant arts and culture scene.
A true oasis in the California desert, the city of Palm Springs has been known for its relaxed lifestyle for many years.
Since the 1920s, the city has become a haven for Hollywood stars.
As stars compete to build the most beautiful and avant-garde villas, the architecture has become one of the major attractions of the city.
The mid-century architecture, with its minimalist and retro style, is predominant and that's what I immediately liked here.
A stopover in Palm Springs

The Palm Springs area is also a geological paradise: desert, rock formations, natural springs forming valleys populated with date palms.
In fact, Palm Springs takes its name in part from theses famous California palm trees, very nicely nicknamed "petticoat palms" growing in the wet canyons of the area, and in part from the hot springs discovered in the area.
This city taking place in a desert is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, full of the history of the ancient Indian peoples.
Also, Palm Springs is all about relaxation, disconnecting and treat yourself. The atmosphere of the city is particularly relaxed and to fully enjoy this experience, it is best not to make plans.
Live at your own pace, see where the day takes you, savor the moment and enjoy the sun: that's what Palm Spring is all about.
A stopover in Palm Springs bijouterie créations belges bijoux argent minimalistes
Top 3 things to do in Palm Springs, according to me:
- Stay at The Saguaro Hotel, where colors are everywhere and the atmosphere is festive and joyful.
- Visit The Moorten Botanical Garden, also known as "Cactus Castle".
It has often been described as a haven of tranquility steeped in the charm of old Palm Springs.
- Eat breakfast at The Ace Hotel, a modern and refined place.
We took some pictures of my jewels on Nisrine - @nimouta :
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Pictures by @gkayacan / kayacan.be