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Aurore Havenne boutique Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert Bruxelles

Opening of our shop in Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert in Brussels

Joy! The Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert boutique we've been working on for months with Atelier Basaalt, Youm and Bellepaga opened a few days ago! We welcome you there every day from... Read More

Fairmined gold: why is it the right choice when it comes to jewelry?

What is Fairmined gold? Fairmined gold is a guarantee of ethical sourcing, and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible and sustainable artisanal... Read More
Fairmined gold wedding rings
Top 10 Minimalist Brands

Top 10 Minimalist Brands

You are here because you enjoy a simple yet remarkable aesthetic, so I compiled a few brands you might like as well. Here, you will discover my top 10 minimalist... Read More

For my Parisian friends !

Dear Parisian friends !I am pleased to be part of an amazing popup store in Paris from November 2nd to 9th! I chose "Le Marais" because it is a romantic,... Read More
For my Parisian friends !
bijoux argent minimalistes bijouterie unisexe belgique créatrice joaillerie venice beach

Early morning at Venice Beach, CA

With the new school year starting soon, I'm getting nostalgic thinking about the great trip I took to California. On this trip, I of course went to Venice Beach which is the... Read More

Sunset at Venice Beach's skatepark

To continue our journey through California, I obviously went to Venice Beach, a singular city and quite different from all those along the Pacific coast.  In Venice, bohemia and bourgeoisie mix,... Read More
bijoux argent minimaliste bracelet homme unisexe créations belges
A stopover in Palm Springs

Stopover in Palm Springs

We continued our trip in California with a stopover in Palm Springs. This amazing place well known for being a vibrant arts and culture scene. A true oasis in the California... Read More

Riding in San Francisco

An encounter with a passionate man. During our trip to the US West Coast, we stopped by the beautiful town of San Francisco. This city is known, among other things, for its architecture,... Read More
Riding in San Francisco
Taking a break at Venice Beach

Taking a break at Venice Beach

Here at Venice Beach, it is summer all year ! This place is the incarnation of the Californian way of life as we imagine it. I spent a few days... Read More