To continue our journey through California, I obviously went to Venice Beach, a singular city and quite different from all those along the Pacific coast. 
In Venice, bohemia and bourgeoisie mix, and the scene is as much about art, as music, taste and novelty. The diversity is also unique: there is a blend of artists, young techies, and lifelong residents.
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Its cosmopolitan and crazy atmosphere makes Venice Beach a carnival for the eyes and a true source of inspiration.
Venice runs along the ocean on the "Ocean Front Walk" where a whole crowd of sculpted, tattooed, American-style lookers circulate. One can only be attracted by the music and the gatherings of inspiring young people.
The amazing proximity between the sea and this smooth concrete structure and these giant palm trees, makes the whole very photogenic and provides a unique atmosphere. 
The city is home to its famous canals along which you should walk. You can also discover the architecture of the houses that line them. No two houses are alike and everything is harmonious. The houses are small, original, and with a perfect garden in a typical Mediterranean or Californian style.
A must-do in Venice Beach: stop to enjoy its mythical skatepark and admire the skateboarders in action. The landscape of Venice, California was an integral part of the development of skateboarding.
Indeed, the particularity of this skatepark, beyond being known for its incredible atmosphere, is that it is one of the only in the world located on a beach. Due to its amazing location, it is one of the most photographed and filmed skateparks in the world.
Enjoy this few pictures where Théo - - is wearing some of my jewels :)
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