An encounter with a passionate man.
Riding in San Francisco
During our trip to the US West Coast, we stopped by the beautiful town of San Francisco.
This city is known, among other things, for its architecture, which is very different from other American cities. San Francisco is mostly made up of typical and similar colorful houses, often with fire escapes clearly visible in front. These types of homes are very common even if the downtown area is dotted with skyscrapers.
In fact, the usual American communities can be found in San Francisco, often giving an architectural touch directly linked to their culture in the neighborhoods they live in. This city rich in history is indeed divided into different neighborhoods, each of which is home to different cultures. 
It is while strolling through the streets of San Francisco that one realizes the unique and particular charm of this city.
Between the singular and colorful architecture, the inimitable atmosphere of the different neighborhoods, the cheerful and exciting atmosphere of the bars, and the old-fashioned that lives alongside and contrasts with the modern, each walk in this city surprises and fascinates the eye of the passer-by.
You can smell a perfume of freedom, non-conformism and party that makes you happy and dreamy.
Obviously, San Francisco is a must-see city for entrepreneurs, with the Silicon Valley right next door, and its two prestigious universities, Stanford and Berkeley, where an impressive number of entrepreneurs have studied. 
People there have projects in their heads and the ability to accomplish them. 
On the human level, San Francisco is a city where you are welcomed everywhere, people are welcoming and used to different cultures which makes you feel at ease. This mix of cultures allows to meet people with varied, unique and exceptional profiles
One day in San Francisco, we happened to meet and exchange with a sincere and generous person : a man with a passion for old cars. He offered us a ride in his collector car where every element blends into a vintage and authentic atmosphere.
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