When I decided to create my fine jewelry collections, I chose to work with lab-grown diamonds in order to continue my work in an ethical and responsible manner.

No Mining. No Carbon Footprint. No Cartel Pricing. No Conflicts Funded. No Land Displacement. No Wildlife Displacement. No Animals Harmed. No Ground Water Polluted. No Local Communities Displaced.
Just diamonds.  
Here are some more informations provided by the Diamond Foundry:
The labgrown diamonds I use are indeed sustainably grown aboveground avoiding the vast human & environmental toll of mining means.
Diamonds are fundamentally just carbon crystallized in a certain organization. So by atomizing gases in carbon with plasma reactors, it allows atoms to rain onto a diamond surface providing the template by which new atoms can attach in the proper organization of a diamond crystal. 
This technology crystallizes greenhouse gases into diamond. Methane and carbon dioxide are turned into diamond and oxygen and water.
Grown diamonds are as real as mined diamonds.
First because they have the same optical, chemical, thermal, and physical properties. Then because each diamond is formed in its own way, with one-of-a-kind inclusions and unique growth patterns. No two of labgrown diamonds are alike to preserve the idea of rarity.
This new technology is a good way to manage noxious emissions in the atmosphere. Plus, compared to the extraction of diamonds, this energy is more energy efficient: it consumes less energy to create diamond than industrial mining requires to dig them out of the ground.
It represents a real new ethical alternative and a huge progress in the world of jewelry. 
It is therefore an obvious choice for me to work with this type of diamonds whose design is in line with my values.
Discover our collections made with labgrown diamonds: Agapè, Tubular and Inside Out.