With the new school year starting soon, I'm getting nostalgic thinking about the great trip I took to California.
On this trip, I of course went to Venice Beach which is the perfect place for sunbathing, shopping, or sightseeing.
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Being the nerve center of eccentric and extroverted Los Angeles, Venice Beach is known for its man-made canals & beaches and is nicknamed the "Venice of America".
It is place for artistic creativity: graffiti artists, painters and dancers meet there, for the pleasure of all. This is a place of talent and inspiration.
Street life is at the heart of the city's characteristic atmosphere.
In the 1960's, Venice Beach was a paradise for young people and artists. Flower power murals abounded and rollerblades were invented for strolling along the waterfront.
Today, this spirit still reigns on the city. Walking through the streets or the Venice Boardwalk, you will always hear someone playing live music. Some building facades are reserved for street art: the visual result is amazing, as artists try to put up their temporary masterpieces.
For the sportsmen, a small tour in Muscle Beach will be able to satisfy your curiosity. Made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 70's, it is today a particularity of Venice Beach: the primacy of outdoor sports. Right next door is the famous Venice skate park where I went one time at sunrise.
I wanted to share with you my experience. So here are some portraits of me and my jewels taken at Venice Beach's skatepark.
This usually very lively and crowded place is completely transformed in the early morning : it becomes the most calm and relaxing spot.
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 Pictures by @gkayacan / kayacan.be