A while ago, I contacted Kim Verbeke, whom I've known since our student days, and asked her if she would want to collaborate with and create a box to hold my jewelry and other treasures. 

After various exciting exchanges and a well-researched moodboard, Kim created 4 prototypes, which you can see in the images above. On Instagram, you chose this little “boite-case”, organic, round, reminiscent of a drop of water. 
My favorite too :) 

Now they're ready, shaped in two different clays, 
in two different sizes, in a limited edition.

A treasure box will be automatically included in the parcel of orders of €220 or more, until they run out of stock.

If you have a preference for one box or another, leave me a comment when you place your order, and we'll try to accommodate your choice. 

I hope you enjoy these boxes as much as I do,



  “I created several prototypes, but my heart chose this one. 
It takes me on a journey and I see little African huts, the red earth floor, the green, damp plants and the warmth. My childhood memories come back to me: creating an object that echoes my life as a little girl makes me feel so good!”