Why I wanted to work with pearls...

Why I wanted to work with pearls...

Hello, hello,

Don't worry, sunny days will be back soon. It will be wedding season as well!

This is the perfect time for me to tell you about the Halo collection, designed with freshwater pearls.

halo jewelry silver minimalist aurorehavenne

For some time, the desire to create jewellery to adorn brides on their big day made me look for the lines and elements that would bring a delicate and elegant touch to their beautiful dresses.

During a discussion about that, my friend Louis, the talented photographer behind the pictures that I share with you, told me that when he was shooting on weddings, pearls reflected a soft, diffused light on the skin of the brides, which worked great for pictures.

It was decided: I was going to create a collection of freshwater pearl jewellery :) Its name, Halo, is an evocation of that particular light reflected by them. Here are some pictures, I hope that you will like the Calypso, Calliadne and Ephyra models.

jewelry silver minimalist aurore havenne

And a quick note to finish: no need to wait for the big day to appreciate pearls, the Halo collection will brighten your outfits everyday :)

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