Trinity: a surprising symbol

Trinity: a surprising symbol

Hello, hello,

I was just remembering my last day in front of the ocean and I wanted to drop you a few lines. I spent two weeks on holiday at my brother's in Martinique, in Trinité to be more precise.

There was no place better place named than this one to tell you about the first necklace I imagined: the Trinity necklace, which is today amongst my timeless pieces.


The number 3 has always had a special significance for me: I find it balanced, I feel like it can bring me luck, you can spot it in some of my work.

It is therefore no coincidence that my first necklace has three rings. Since I first designed it, many of you have been seeing it as a symbol that was not in my initial intention: many young mothers perceive the two interlaced rings and the small ring as a representation of their new family.

To see my jewels "live their own life" and to discover the meanings that you give to them is one of the perks of my activity! I am curious: what is your story with my jewelry?


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I end this message with the view that accompanied me during all my stay in Trinité (above), to share this little bit of that dream :)

Have an amazing day!


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